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Commercial Dry-Steam Cleaner

flir, clamp meter, battery clamp meter, 100A, CM78

Clean & Neutralize Batteries
Degrease Equipment and Vehicles

• 1.3 gallon refillable water tank
• Separate chemical tank for deeper cleaning
• Stainless steel construction for long life
• Adjustable vapor-steam pressure
• Includes multiple cleaning tools
• 57 lbs net dry

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Water Deionizer System

Municipal water often contains chlorine, and well water often contains battery harmful metallic impurities. Both of these can be major contributors to premature lead-acid battery failure. It is essential to eliminate these contaminants, and no longer necessary to purchase individual gallons of distilled water.

Our water deionization system allows you to automatically purify and dispense water for all your battery refilling needs. Spec Sheet

Easy to use
• Operates at full-line pressure to dispense pure water directly from the deionizer
• 20-ft output hose allows maximum watering flexibility and convenience
• Watering Gun lets you fill a battery directly from the deionizer

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Proper use of your batteries is the most significant contributing factor to a long service life. Our SmartUP battery monitoring system captures all significant battery usage information for you. Automatically generated reports show you not only the health of a particular battery, but how well it is being used and maintained.

Spec Sheet

Quick Reference Guide

• Record up to 400 usage cycles including discharge time & battery faults during the charging process
• Optional temperature & electrolyte level probes available
• Built In Hall effect sensor
• Serial Connection (RS485) & CAN BUS
• Operating temperature from -4 degrees to 122 degrees
• Available for 24-96 volt systems

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Battery Cleaner/Acid Neutralizer

Our specially formulated battery cleaner/acid neutralizer allows for the safe and complete neutralization of sulfuric acid deposits. This product should be used in the routine cleaning of the tops and sides of batteries, connectors and terminals, along with all battery handling, storage and charging equipment.

How To Use
Spray, foam or pour product on areas to be cleaned. A color change to pink represents the presence of acid; and a return to yellow indicates neutralization. This product cleans, degreases and lifts insolubles for easy rinsing or wiping. Safety Data Sheet

• Contains no phosphates or harsh chemistry
• Frequent use minimizes self-discharge
• Color indicates the presence of acid (pink)
• Static electricity can conduct over the top of an unclean battery causing fires
• Safe on all surfaces not affected by water
• Excellent environmental and safety profile
• No VOC’s
• Package includes four 32 oz. spray bottles

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Remote Battery Water Monitor

Bright green indicators show when water levels are good and red when water is needed, saving time and taking the guess work out of watering batteries. The monitors work on 6- and 12-volt block and golf cart batteries and have installation forgiveness, providing more tolerance for installation errors. 

• Clear Visual Indication of Water Levels
    - Calm, bright green flash pattern means water level is OK
    - Frantic, bright red flash pattern means water is needed
• Wide Operating Range from 4 to 12 volts
• Reverse Polarity Protected
• Smart Sensing Technology Eliminates False Indication and Prevents Unnecessary Watering
• 5” Lead Alloy Conductive Probe
• Powered by the Battery on which it is Installed
    - Uses only a small amount of energy that won’t reduce battery life
• Low Profile Design for Reduced Potential for Damage
• UL Classified

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FLIR CM78 1000A Clamp Meter

Take accurate AC/DC measurements safely and quickly on high-powered equipment and complex machinery.

flir, clamp meter, battery clamp meter, 100A, CM78

• Integrated IR Thermometer provides fast non-contact measurements on panels, conduits, and motors
• Powerful Worklights not only assist with clamping but are bright enough to serve as a primary worklight
• FLIR Tools Mobile connects the FLIR CM78 to your compatible smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth*
• Wirelessly integrates electrical readings on your infrared image with FLIR Thermal Cameras
• Voltage and Current, Min, Max, Average, Auto Power Off, Data Hold, Relative, Peak Hold, Battery Status Indicator, Bright White LED Backlight

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FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

The only clamp meter equipped with thermal imaging. Spec Sheet

flir, clamp meter, battery clamp meter, 100A, CM78

• Easily see overheating components including bad battery cells or wiring issues
• Verify problems, check load, and validate hot spots with accurate amperage and voltage measurements and center-point temperature readings
• Features a narrow jaw and built-in worklights to help you access difficult and poorly lit locations
• Check the electrical load on the components you’re measuring to get a more complete picture of any issues
you may encounter

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