Customer Testimonials

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"We use our battery Xtender to help with our battery maintenance program. It has become a vital tool in our used golf cart process."

-Levi at Todd's Tire, St. Joseph, Missouri

"We’re hearing great feedback from our customers. They are telling us: WOW! What a huge difference. The batteries last a LOT longer!! It did an amazing job!"

-Cory Thomas at Excessive Carts, Prosper, Texas

"This battery desulfater from Flight Systems Industrial Products is working night and day saving our customers and us thousands of dollars on batteries. Finally something to restore batteries that actually works."

-Bill Rulien at Beaver Creek Golf Carts, Peru, Illinois

"My customers like the fact that they have a less expensive option to go to for batteries, rather than having to buy new right away. They can get a few more seasons out of their current batteries. I like that I can take what was a 60 minute battery and regenerate it to a 100 minute battery!"

-Emory at Dobson Turf Management, Newfield, New Jersey

"A man free position, it has put a lot of ease on our rental department knowing we are sending out issue free batteries. It has been running continuously since we purchased the machine."

- . Humberto at ElectroLift, Apple Valley, California

"Helped business hugely as not only are they selling new batteries but regening packs. Seeing new customers who would have not done any business before being able to offer regen and proving to increase business altogether. So happy I had to buy two machines so far!"

- Greg of Boerne, Texas

"The Battery Monitoring System is my favorite. I love being able to monitor each battery. We have been having a lot of success with the regenerations and the machine is always running."

- Matt at Gritten Turf Company, Monticello, Indiana

"Good Results! We are getting at least a 25% increase with each restoration."

- Tim at Ultimate Golf Carts, Otsego, Minnesota

"The thing I like best is the first set of batteries that I did. I brought what I thought were bad or completely dead batteries back to life. It is nice to know that you can get more life out of a set batteries even if it's only a year, you are still holding off that expense. Also, the battery monitoring system removes the uncertainty of whether or not you can bring that battery back to life. It also tells you which battery in the pack is bad so you don't have to guess."

- David at Sterling Turf Management, Newton, Massachusetts

"Can definitely attest to success!"

- Greg at A L Lee, Lester, West Virginia